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Machu Picchu Entry Purchasing: Step-by-step guide

Getting your Machu Picchu entry is part of planning your dream vacation. The process can be overwhelming. Especially when you know how limited the tickets are. This guide provides all details to help you purchase your entry.

Understanding the various ticket types is part of a well searched journey. We’ll help you with the details of this important trip. We aim for a comfortable experience on your Machu Picchu tour. We’ll dive into some of the regulations and more.

Lastly, knowing when and where to buy makes all the difference. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to Machu Picchu. Whether you arrive by some form of the Inca Trail, or after a Sacred Valley visit. We have all you need.

Machu Picchu santuary tour


Why Advance Booking is Crucial for Your Machu Picchu Visit

Advance booking is not just a recommendation. Anyone planning a visit to Machu Picchu must book in advance. The site limits daily entries, making early ticket purchase the only way to get a Machu Picchu entry.

Limited Tickets Available

Firstly, only a limited number of tickets to Machu Picchu are available each day. This is a measure for the preservation of the site. Visitors generate stress on the ancient site. The foot traffic could generate erosion.

The limitation does not only provide aid to the preservation, but an overall and a better experience. No matter if it is peak season, the crowds will be the same. There will be enough space to walk, explore and enjoy Machu Picchu.

The Benefits of Early Ticket Purchase

Securing Machu Picchu entry tickets months in advance makes travel planning easy. With your Machu entrance tickets in hand, you can easily arrange other aspects of your journey. For example, looking for accommodations in Aguas Calientes. 

Furthermore, some tickets sell out quicker than others. The Machu Picchu Huayna Picchu ticket is one of those. The tickets give you access to the climb to Huayna Picchu Mountain. Early purchase is the only way to have this experience.

Navigating Machu Picchu Ticket Types

It’s essential to understand what each ticket includes before making a purchase. The general Machu Picchu (Llacta Machu Picchu)entry allows access to the main site.  while others like the ticket Machu Picchu Mountain provide entry to additional hiking trails.

In Machu Picchu there are 5 different circuits. With the Llacta Machu Picchu ticket you can choose to go into any of 4 circuits. The ticket Machu Picchu Huayna Picchu allows you entrance to fourth circuit. Circuit 3 will be your default for the ticket Machu Picchu Mountain. If you decide to take the ticket Machu Picchu Inca Bridge you’ll go on to circuit 2 or 1.

For international visitors the only option for the type of ticket you’ll buy, is the general admission one. This is the only one that also allows you to add hiking routes. 

You can check for the different circuits here. Remember that any additional entrance comes with an extra charge.

Exploring Peru’s Main Attraction: The Significance of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu stands as the center of world wide attention. It is a sight to behold, with a lot of implications for ancient Peru history. The significance of Machu Picchu goes beyond international recognition.

A Machu Picchu entry grants you access to experience something unique. A lost inca city, intact in the layout, surrounded by jungle. This site will always impress its visitors.

For many, a Machu picchu entry gives them a spiritual connection with the past. For others it is an adventure. The entrance to machu Picchu is always meaningful.

Machu Picchu Entry

Detailed Guide: Step-by-Step Instructions to Purchase Machu Picchu Tickets

Like we mentioned before, securing your entry tickets in advance is the only way. But this has little room for freedom. Right now (2024), you can get your Machu Picchu entries online or in person. Buying Machu Picchu Tickets is convenient, but you have to be careful. Now it is time to explain the process in depth.

Online purchase of your Machu Picchu Entry 

The official website to buy Machu Picchu entry tickets is “Tu Boleto Cultura”. This is the official direction on the government site. After you select Machu Picchu as your destination, you will be redirected to a ticket selling platform. 

Choose the date, time and route. Tickets become available at 3:00 pm (PET, local hour). So that is the perfect hour to try to get your tickets. On the same page you can check for availability.

You can pay on the same platform. You need debi/credit card with international purchases approved. Any reservation you make and left unpaid, will only last 5 hours. 

While putting your information in,double check everything. The reservation is personal and untransferable. If any data on your ticket is wrong, you can make your ticker invalid.

Ticket Purchase on Aguas Calientes

The ticket offices at Machu Picchu Pueblo have 1000 tickets daily available on site. They are available from 3 pm to 10 pm. This can be a life-saver for those with no reservations, but they sold out quickly. Also these are most popular with locals.

These tickets also are not available for same day visits. You need to stay overnight in Aguas Calientes. To gain access the next day. The circuit choice is also limited by availability and the first come first serve policy.

A Machu Picchu entry is not the most complicated reservation. But you definitely need to be careful and secure your ticket while you can.

What You Should do After you get your Entrance.

Your Machu Picchu entry ticket will have a specific time for entrance. Most visitors look for the early morning entries to get to see the sunrise on Machu Picchu. But you have to be on the Machu Picchu at your entrance hour. 

There is a window of 1 hour of tolerance for your Machu Picchu entry hour. But it is better to arrive early, so you can have more time to explore. Visitors have a limit of 3 hours in the sanctuary. This is to avoid crowds accumulation during the day.

Also there is more than one other reservation you have to make before the Machu Picchu tours. You have to decide your method of arrival to Machu Picchu. 

You can take the popular Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. This trip tends to include Machu Picchu tickets, but the reservation process has its own tricks. Even on its short version, you need to book in advance.

There are other less popular, but impressive long hikes to Machu Picchu. Most of them do not have a limited number of available spots.  But for most of them you need a guide, and camp accommodations. So you need a tour operator.

You can also travel to Machu Picchu by train. There are different options to go about it. There are trains for every budget. But train travel also requires you to book your ticket. 

Also take in consideration the train stations are outside of the City of Cusco. Consider the transportations to there. Probably will require you to contract another service.

There is even a car route that takes a longer time. Consider that there is not a highway entry to Aguas Calientes. You’ll need to take the train from Hydroelectric Station to Aguas Calientes, or walk along the train tracks.

Do not forget that there is only one bus service to go from Aguas Calientes to  Machu Picchu. You need to book this service. But you also have the opportunity to take the hiking route. This takes less than a couple of hours. Consider that with your entry time.

If you are not really for the hussle, you can put your reservation in the hands of experts. Most tour operators can handle the booking for you. Also all Machu Picchu tours require a guide. You will have a guide that also provides assistance.

Machu Picchu Entry

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