Planning a trip to any of the destinations in the Cusco Region? Cusco weather can be a little hard to navigate. Here are some insider tips.

Cusco Weather: Insider Tips for Every Traveler

Planning a trip to any of the destinations in the Cusco Region? Cusco weather can be a little hard to navigate. Here are some insider tips. So you know what to expect.

Cusco weather varies greatly throughout the year. We want you to know what to pack and what measure to take. This guide will make your trip smoother.

We’ll also delve into some of the strange climate phenomena Cusco has experienced. Especially in the last few years. So you can take measures even in the worst case scenario.

Cusco Weather

Experiencing Cusco’s Dry Season: Best Activities and Packing Tips

Cusco weather during the dry season is ideal for outdoor activities. At least In theory. Days are sunny with clear skies. Temperatures range from cool to warm. And this can be a dramatic change.

This dramatic change in temperature is not the only thing you should consider. The colder night at Cusco could reach -2°C / 28°F and at midday, it could reach 20°C / 68°F. The dry season begins in May. It ends in September. Cusco weather in general is dry. 

The cold despite not being extreme. It can be quite difficult to deal with. In Cusco, there are not that many buildings with temperature control systems. Consider that the cold starts in May, the high point is in June and ends after July.

However sites near Cusco like Machu Picchu or Choquequirao have rain all year around. In the dry season the rain showers are more scarce and shorter. In general it is more convenient.

Packing Tips for Cusco Weather in the Dry Season

Pack layers for changing temperatures. Bring a warm jacket for chilly nights. Consider packing something warm and comfortable to wear at your hotel. Under shadow, the temperature will be considerably colder than under the sun.

Remember to also wear sun protection. A hat and sunscreen. In high altitude the sun radiation is high. Also the dry air and sun can damage your lip, so it’s time to use chapstick.

Cusco Weather

Navigating Cusco’s Rainy Season: Essential Advice for Travelers

Cusco weather in the rainy season can be challenging for travelers. Many tours do not recommend taking certain tours during this season. However the temperature is more balanced and the greenery around cusco is beautiful.

Expect frequent showers and occasional heavy downpours. Days are usually cloudy, but less cold. The season begins near the end of October and extends to february. The season peaks with more rain around January.

During this season, roads can become muddy and slippery. Be prepared for delays in travel plans. However with the temperature ranging from 7°C/ 45°F to 22°C / 72°F. Some may find it suitable.

Packing Tips for Cusco Weather in the Rainy Season

Pack a good quality rain jacket or always carry a Rain poncho. Waterproof shoes are also a good idea. Even if just walking around Cusco. Make sure they have good grip on wet surfaces for hiking.

We don’t recommend umbrellas if you are on a hike. Visit indoor attractions like museums and churches. For the outdoors, you’ll need extra preparation. And even in the rainy season, there could be a couple of days with no rain. But this is unpredictable

Climate Changes in Cusco: How to Adapt to Unpredictable Weather

Cusco Weather in the last few years has been a little out of control. With the presence of snow, delays in the rain season. This same year, the rain season lasted until may. And we had some cloudy days in June. 

Some of these phenomena are part of a regular climate alteration called the NIño phenomenon. This is something that happens every 5 years creating stronger heavy rain and light alterations.

However, it is feared that some of these alterations are consequences of global climate change. The consequences of this could be severe. But for now just be careful.

Check the climate in Cusco before your arrival. To see if there is any abnormal Cusco weather condition.

Cusco Weather

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